Android TV Box TX9 PRO Android Smart TV Box Toffee, Binge 4K-6K support LED LCD CRT Television




- Model: TX9 PRO

- IPTV: Yes, with 2000+ TV channels for free

- GPU: Mali G31

- Processor: Amlogic S912 Quad-Core

- RAM: 2GB

- ROM: 8GB

- Android Version: Android 10

- Ports/Interfaces: 2 x USB, LAN/RJ45, SPDIF, HDMI, AV, DC Power Port, Micro SD Card Slot

- Wi-Fi: Dual Band 5 GHz

- Compatibility: Can be connected to LED, LCD, and CRT Televisions (CRT requires a 1.3AV cable)

- Input Devices: Supports wired and wireless keyboards and mice

- Storage Support: Micro SD cards, pen drives, and external HDDs

- Multimedia: Supports Android webcam and microphone


- Supports 4K and 6K video playback

- Provides access to 2000+ TV channels for free via IPTV

- Dual-band Wi-Fi for faster and more stable wireless connections

- Versatile connectivity options with various ports

- Compatibility with LED, LCD, and CRT televisions

- Support for wired and wireless input devices

- Expandable storage options with micro SD cards and USB devices

- Android 10 for app compatibility

- Supports Android webcam and microphone for video calls


- Enjoy high-quality 4K and 6K video content on your TV

- Access a wide range of TV channels for free via IPTV

- Connect to the internet wirelessly with dual-band Wi-Fi

- Easily connect to different types of TVs

- Use various input devices for convenience

- Expand storage for media and apps

- Stay up to date with Android 10 compatibility

- Enhance communication with an Android webcam and microphone


- The advertised RAM and ROM specifications may differ from the actual hardware.

- Android 11 is mentioned but the device actually runs Android 10.


Q: Can this Android TV box play 4K videos?

A: Yes, it supports 4K and even 6K video playback.

Q: How can I connect it to my CRT television?

A: You'll need to purchase a 1.3AV cable for CRT television connections.

Q: Can I use a wireless keyboard and mouse with this TV box?

A: Yes, it supports both wired and wireless keyboards and mice.

Q: Does it come with pre-installed apps like Netflix or YouTube?

A: The apps available may vary, but you can typically install popular streaming apps like Netflix and YouTube from the Google Play Store.

Q: Can I expand the storage on this device?

A: Yes, you can use micro SD cards, pen drives, and external HDDs to expand storage.

Q: Is it compatible with Android 11?

A: Although it's mentioned as Android 11, the device actually runs Android 10.

Q: Can I use this TV box for video calls?

A: Yes, it supports Android webcams and microphones for video calls.




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