Single Handle Matt Black Brass SUS 304 Stainless Steel Cheap Bathroom Basin Sink Tap Faucet For Bathroom A8140




- Model Number: A8140
- Weight Per Package: 2.1-3 kg
- Valve Core Material: Ceramic
- Number of Handles: Single handle
- Installation Type: Surface Mounted
- Faucet Installation: Single slot
- Style: Contemporary
- Feature: Pull out the faucet
- Hot & Cold Water: Yes
- Origin: CN (China)
- Certificate: ROHS


- Pull out the faucet: This faucet has a pull-out feature, allowing you to extend the faucet head for added convenience and flexibility.
- Ceramic valve core: The valve core is made of ceramic, which provides durability, smooth operation, and helps prevent leaks.
- Single handle: The faucet has a single handle design, allowing for easy control of water temperature and flow with a single hand.
- Contemporary style: The faucet features a contemporary design, adding a modern touch to your bathroom decor.
- Surface mounted installation: This faucet is designed for surface-mounted installation, making it easy to install on your bathroom basin sink.
- One-hole holder: The faucet is suitable for installation in a single hole.


- Convenience: The pull-out feature allows you to easily reach and rinse the sink or other items in the bathroom.
- Durability: The ceramic valve core ensures long-lasting performance and helps prevent dripping or leaking.
- Easy control: The single handle design allows for effortless control of water temperature and flow.
- Modern design: The contemporary style of the faucet adds aesthetic appeal to your bathroom.
- Easy installation: The surface-mounted installation and one-hole holder design simplify the installation process.


The Single Handle Matt Black Brass SUS 304 Stainless Steel Cheap Bathroom Basin Sink Tap Faucet (Model A8140) is a contemporary-style faucet designed for surface-mounted installation on bathroom basins. It features a pull-out faucet head, allowing for convenient use and easy cleaning. The faucet has a single handle for controlling water temperature and flow, and the ceramic valve core ensures durability and prevents leaks. With its sleek design and easy installation, this faucet is a practical and stylish addition to any bathroom.


- This faucet is designed for use in basins or sinks and may not be suitable for other applications.
- Ensure that the dimensions and specifications of the faucet match your sink or basin before installation.
- Follow the manufacturer's instructions for installation and maintenance to ensure proper functionality and longevity of the faucet.
- Regular cleaning and maintenance of the faucet will help maintain its appearance and performance over time.
- This faucet is certified with ROHS, indicating compliance with environmental regulations and standards.

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