Digital Dimmable Projection Alarm Clock


specifications of the QAWACHH 7.4" Digital Dimmable Projection Alarm Clock:


Colour: White

Display Type: Digital

Style: Modern

Special Feature: Alarm

Product Dimensions: 17W x 4H centimeters

Power Source: USB

Age Range (Description): Adult

Room Type: Bedroom, Hall, Dining Room

Shape: Square

Indoor/Outdoor Usage: Indoor

Theme: Plain

Are Batteries Included: No

Mounting Type: Tabletop

Alarm Clock: No

Operation Mode: Electrical

Manufacturer: QAWACHH

Country of Origin: China

Imported By: QAWACHH

Item part number: QAZProjectionAlarm

ASIN: B082R8F412

Item Weight: 150 g

Generic Name: Alarm clock

QAWACHH 7.4" Digital Dimmable Projection Alarm Clock: A Modern and Convenient Wake-Up Companion


In today's fast-paced world, a reliable and efficient alarm clock is a must-have for adults seeking a seamless morning routine. The QAWACHH 7.4" Digital Dimmable Projection Alarm Clock, with its modern design and convenient features, aims to revolutionize the way we wake up. Let's dive into the specifications and unique attributes of this cutting-edge device.

Design and Display:

The QAWACHH Projection Alarm Clock boasts a sleek and modern design that effortlessly complements any bedroom, hall, or dining room decor. Its square shape and white color add a touch of elegance to your living space. The clock features a bright and easily readable LED display, ensuring that the time is visible even from a distance.

Projection Feature:

One of the standout features of this alarm clock is its built-in projector. With a 90° adjustable angle and a projection distance of 1-3 meters, you can conveniently project the time onto any surface, such as your bedroom wall or ceiling. This projection feature eliminates the need to reach out for your phone or fumble in the dark to check the time.

Alarm Options:

The QAWACHH Projection Alarm Clock offers two wake-up options: radio station or buzzer. You can choose your preferred option to gently wake you up from a restful sleep. This flexibility allows you to personalize your wake-up experience, making mornings more enjoyable and convenient.

Easy-to-Use and Setup:

Setting up and operating the QAWACHH Projection Alarm Clock is a breeze. The clock comes with a user-friendly manual in English, providing step-by-step instructions. Additionally, the clock can be powered via USB, ensuring a reliable and convenient power source. Simply plug it into a USB port, and you're good to go.

Dimmable Display:

To cater to different preferences, the QAWACHH Projection Alarm Clock offers adjustable brightness levels for its LED display. Whether you prefer a dimmer display for a soothing ambiance in your bedroom or a brighter one for a well-lit area, this clock has got you covered.

Versatile Usage:

This alarm clock is perfect for adults of all ages. Whether you're a student, a professional, or simply someone who appreciates punctuality, the QAWACHH Projection Alarm Clock is designed to suit your needs. Its compact size of 17W x 4H centimeters makes it suitable for any room type, be it a bedroom, hall, or dining room.


The QAWACHH 7.4" Digital Dimmable Projection Alarm Clock is a modern and convenient device that offers an enhanced wake-up experience. With its projection feature, customizable alarm options, easy setup, and versatile usage, this alarm clock provides an optimal solution for starting your day on the right foot. Say goodbye to groggy mornings and hello to a seamless wake-up routine with the QAWACHH Projection Alarm Clock.

Disclaimer: The specifications and details mentioned in this article are based on the available information as of September 2021. For the most accurate and up-to-date information, please refer to the product's official website or contact the manufacturer directly.


size/17W x 4H centimeters

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